Windows Troubleshooting by SystemInternals

Windows Troubleshooting by System Internals


This will be the 1st new course in 2015.


 Windows Troubleshooting by SystemInternals


To investigate a root cause or fixes efficiently is a critical skillset regardless you are in RD, QA or support roles. The course aims for the challenges such as:


  • “How do I know if there is any resource leakage?”
  • “What tools we may use to quickly narrow in on the source of a problem?”
  • “How to troubleshoot and debug Windows applications by System Internals? “


Therefore, there will be lots of hands-on tutorials with

  • Uses of Process Monitor / Process Explorer / Process Hacker to monitor suspicious behavior
  • How to monitor application crash, hang, high-CPU issue, and resource leak?
  • Some Windows sample Application to reproduce the crash, leakage issue and identify the root/cause.
  • Uses of “Debug Diagnostic Tool” to automate the process of analyzing crashing, hanging, and leaking processes.
  • Case study with installation failure, file locked, access denied,


When registration, please plan your time well to ensure your attendance and participation. 5-min presentation for your own troubleshooting case sharing will be required at the end of course.



  • Basic Windows OS concept. i.e. process and, thread.
  • Product troubleshooting testing experiences


Course Name Windows Troubleshooting by system internals
Speaker Tony Hsu
Duration 18 hours  (3 hours per sessions)
Language Chinese







Session 1
  • Setup the environment and tools
  • Introduction of tools and resources
  • Process Hacker
  • System Internals
  • Configuration of Symbol
Session 2 
  • Windows Key Process
  • Smss, wininit, taskhost, lsass,
  • winlogon, lsm, svchost, services, csrss
Session 3
  • Process monitor
  • Key DLL introduction
Session 4 


  • Malware and suspicious behaviors
  • AutoRuns, PsInfo, PsExec
  • PsList, ListDLL, SigCheck
Session 5
  • Case study samples
  • RCP/DCOM communication troubleshooting
Session 6
  • Debug Diagnosis Tool for Crash, hang, leakage analysis
Session 7
  • Your own troubleshooting case study
  • 5 min presentation by turns



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