Web automation Testing by Selenium/Python 課程大綱

Web automation Testing by Selenium/Python 課程大綱


Web Automation Testing and Operation by Selenium/Python


Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) also be automated as well. Automation testing skillset is an addon value to your software profession.

In this course, we will walk through several live web services to do automation. No prior selenium/automation/Python is required.


The key challenge of automation are –

  • Lack of programming experiences. No worry. We will practices how to do automation WITHOUT any programming!
  • How to identify the web element properly to reduce automation failure?
  • How to handle Ajax dynamic web, iframe, alert issue for automation?
  • How to manage testing cases when the project is getting large?

Therefore, the learning objective is to –

  • Automation WITHOUT programming by Selenium IDE
  • Case scenario-based automation with live web services
  • Automation scripts by Python
Course Name AT1031 Web Automation Testing and Operation by Selenium/Python
Speaker Tony Hsu
Duration 15 Hours – Selenium Automation by FireFox IDE20 Hours – Selenium Automation by Python


Language Chinese
  •  Basic understanding of Web service
Evaluation Depend on your Attendance
Session 1
  • •            Setup: Python, Python PIP
  • •            Setup: FireFox, IDE, WebDriver, Firebug, FirePath,
  • •            Automation WITHOUT programming
  • •            Selenium IDE
  • •            Web element locator tips
Session 2
  • •            Verification
  • •            Wait
  • •            Alert and confirmation messagebox handling
  • •            Testing results and other plugin
  • •            Covert testing cases into Python scripts
Session 3
  • •            Your 1st python automation scripts
  • •            Your 2nd python script
  • •            Locate web element by FireBug, Chrome
Session 4
  • •            Python UnitTest
  • •            Your 1st unitTest Python script
  • •            AssertMethods
Session 5
  • •            TestSuites
  • •            WebElement Operation
  • •            Get Text/Attributes of Web element
Session 6
  • •            Windows focus. Switch to window/iframe/alert
  • •            Keyboard/Mouse Action


Session 7 •            Present your automation work. 7-min for each



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