Web services Performance Monitoring and Automation testing by JMeter

Web services Performance Monitoring  and Automation testing by JMeter


 Web services Performance Monitoring and Automation testing by JMeter


Apache JMeter is widely used in Web service performance, load testing and service availability monitoring. JMeter can also be used for REST API regression and automation testing. JMeter is a free open source, cross-platform performance testing tool.


JMeter will help you in the following testing scenario questions

·         Will the application still be responsive if 3000 users are accessing it concurrently?

·         What is the web service health and availability status?

·         What is the web service performance if it’s accessed from different regions?

·         How to do an efficient RESTful API testing for regression testing?


•        Attendance. Once registered, please plan your schedule.

•        30-min exam or presentation of your homework will be assessed at the end of the session 


·         Basic understanding of Web services Testing

Course Name Web services Performance Monitoring and Automation testing by JMeter
Speaker Tony Hsu
Duration 15 hours in total

14:00~17:00, 3 hours per session, every Friday, 2015/4/10~5/8.

Location TBD
Language Chinese
Session 1 ·         How reliable will it be under a load of 200 users?·         Installation and setup JMeter environment

·         Running proxy / non-GUI mode

·         Your 1st JMeter by recording Browser operations

·         JMeter web testing results

Session 2 ·         Uses of FireBug to identify the HTTP request/response·         Jmeter Components Introduction

·         What is “Thread Group” in JMeter

·         What is “Sampler” “Listener”

·         Data Driven testing by CSV

·         Case study: Bank Account log in

Session 3 ·         Case study: CheckBox handling·         Case Study: How to do File Upload testing by JMeter

·         Case Study: How to do File Download testing by Jmeter

Session 4 ·         RESTFul API testing Browser tools·         Case study: JASON data handling and verification

·         Case study: XML data handling and verification

Session 5 ·         Case Study: Manage sessions with Cookie·         Case study: Uses of Timer to simulate Human “Think”

·         Uses of Assertion to verify the web response results

·         ForEach / Logic Controller

·         System Resource Monitoring with Tomcat & Jmeter plugin

·         Performance testing on the Cloud

·         Distributed testing with Master and Slave nodes

·         Case study: Does the website support 3000 concurrent users once go live?


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