Selenium 課程考卷..

Selenium 課程考卷..

測試自己對於 Web Automation Selenium 的了解


Q1: To automate or not to automate, what will be your key considerations? List 3 key points.




Q2: In selenium IDE, what commands you can use for the following scenario?
  • clicking a link – ___________________


  • entering values – _________________


  • selecting options from a drop-down listbox – ___________


  • clicking checkboxes or radio buttons – ___________


  • Click ok or cancel for an alert –  _________________


Refer to the Selenese command list here.

Q3: Visit the website:

How to click the “South Africa”?



  • xpath=//img[@alt=’The image alt text’]
  • xpath=//table[@id=’table1′]//tr[4]/td[2]
  • xpath=//a[contains(@href,’#id1′)]
  • xpath=//a[contains(@href,’#id1′)]/@class
  • xpath=(//table[@class=’stylee’])//th[text()=’theHeaderText’]/../td
  • xpath=//input[@name=’name2′ and @value=’yes’]
  • xpath=//*[text()=”right”]
Q4: For AJAX behaviors,

Visit the website,

Click “change Content”. how can you verify the dynamic show-up message?


Hint: The following commands are what you will need in this case.




Command Target Value
Q5: To locate a web element, what’s the pro/con for the uses of CSS and Xpath?









Q6: What will be the recommended order of web element locator? what needs to take into consideration when use one of locator?

Locate by Name:_________________


Locate by ID, _____________________


Locate by Xpath ______________


Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text ________________________


Locate by CSS __________________

Q7: “waitForElementPresent ” is very useful to handle dynamic webpage such as AJAX. Why and when we will use “clickAndWait”?




Q8:  Go to Forefox Addon market to download and install ” Selenium IDE: Implicit Wait”

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until all the required elements are present before executing the next command.

Let’s rewrite Q4 testing scripts. Remove “waitForElementPresent”  Add ” setImplicitWait” “5000”.


What’s your findings here?




Q9: What is required to launch the Selenium IDE from command line?




Q10: What are the limitations if we use FireFox selenium IDE to launch IE or Chrome browser for testing?



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