Selenium自動化課程剪影 7/3

 Selenium自動化課程剪影 7/3






1. Difference between Quit and close
2. Why selenium why not other testing framework?
3. What are other alternative of selenium?
4. What is SElenium Webdriver?
5. What’s the key limitation of selenium
6. Why do we use Python 2.x not 3.x?
7. Why do we choose python?
8. What are the key sections of a typical testing program?
9. What’s the recommendation to “wait” for web element?
10. What’s the common error SElenium may encounter?
11. What’s the required installation for python/automation execution/runtime machine?
12. Does Selenium provide record and reply?
13. What programming language does Selenium support?
14. What’s the recommendation for programming language to use?
15. What’s the key difference between HP QTP and Selenium?
16. What’s the workaround to handle Window Native UI?
What are “AutoIT” / “Sikuli”?
17. How to handle unicode character in Python 2.x

What are key factors that UI changes will impact the automation?
Difference between Xpath and CSS?
How to use Selenium IDE to export into Python?
What needs to install to execute Selenium IDE scripts?
How to get the number of checkboxes on web page?
How to configure the FireFox contents block bebehavior
What causes the the warning? “content.block”
The starting index of Xpath locator elements is 1.



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